Leaked DJI FPV drone suitable for indoors

Photo of a leaked DJI Avata drone

Two separate sources with strong track records of leaking upcoming drone information (including the recently announced DJI Mini 3 Pro) to have shared pictures and first details about another new so-called first person view drone coming from DJI this summer, a specially designed to capture unique photos in narrow interiors the spaces.

the DJI Mini 3 Pro is certainly already a smaller option when it comes to camera-carrying drones, but it was designed that way so it weighs less than 250 grams and users don’t have to register it with the FAA— not to facilitate piloting in tight spaces. This new option would fill that niche, with protection and other features that the Mini 3 Pro lacks..

Photo of a leaked DJI Avata drone

First, a little background. A year ago, DJI released its first FPV drone with the Aptly named DJI FPV dronebut according to @DealsDrone and @OsitaLVthe company has a follow-up along the way, potentially debuting in July or August, with a cinewhoop-style design (more on that later) with ducted propellers that make indoor operation safer and more likely to survive a crash: a higher risk given where these types of drones are typically exploited.

The new drone will apparently is called the Avata and features a low profile body on top housing the batteries, camera and other electronics. The drone will supposedly offer comparable image quality to the new Mini 3 Pro, which was a big step up for DJI’s compact drones, with better battery life and FPV goggles included for the pilot. It will also be likely weigh about 500 grams, which means that users will need to register it with the FAA. There are no pricing details yet, but the big draw here is a reputable drone manufacturer like DJI offering a pre-built, ready-to-fly cinewhoop solution.

But what is a cinewhoop? About a year ago, Jay Byrd Christensen, a highly trained drone pilot, shared a video of a drone flying through the Bryant-Lake Bowl bowling alley in Minneapolis. It was a white fist bump with what felt like countless close calls, and was only made possible by a relatively new type of drone dubbed a cinewhoop.

The name cinewhoop comes from the combination of the words ‘cinematic’ and ‘tiny whoop’ – a type of small and nimble drone with propellers protected by ducts – and is most often applied to tiny drones custom-built to be fast and stable while being powerful enough to carry a capable camera. The other thing that differentiates cinewhoops from something like the DJI Mini 3 Pro is it, like racing drones, they are piloted by someone wearing a pair of video glasses who provide a live, first-person video feed of the drone itself, instead of maneuvering it by watching the drone’s mid-air movements from the ground.

DJI is open would make it easier for anyone to capture those amazing types of shots— with an emphasis on Easier and not easybecause even seasoned drone pilots will still need to improve their skills to safely send a drone racing through a bowling alley.

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