Piano Singing Dog Stuns the Internet: ‘Get Him a Grammy’

Owner of a piano-obsessed dog who sings to the music hopes to catch the attention of America’s Got Talent judges.

Ashton Biggs shared a clip of her pet Goose on her TikTok page, @ashbi681, as she revealed her love for the musical instrument.

The clip shows the 19-year-old and her dog interacting with each other, as she jokingly added captions recounting her pet’s thoughts.

“I’m coming I’m coming,” she says, as Goose barks, to which she adds the speech: “Piano. Hurry ma’am. Not fast enough.”

She then said to the camera, “Welcome back: my dog ​​won’t stop nagging me until I play something on the piano.”

“Don’t talk, just play,” she recounts, saying Goose. Biggs then begins to play Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and as soon as she hits the first notes, the dog begins to howl, ringing relatively in tune.

The clip then cuts to him protesting for more songs, as Biggs tells him, “We’re done for today. We’re done for today. We’re done. We’re done for today. We’ve been playing for 30 minutes straight.”

Biggs, who goes on to say “be thankful there are pianoless dogs in Africa”, received backlash in the comments to his latest statement.

She sought to explain it, saying in the comments, “Anyone I may have offended with my sarcastic remark, it was said to poke fun at the cliched remark, not out of factual or derogatory intentions.”

The clip, shared Thursday, and viewable here, was captioned, “His passion is surreal. Goose has a few words to say.” While she also tagged America’s Got Talentand Jimmy Fallon.

The clip has been viewed over 1.5 million times as people were blown away by Goose’s vocal ability.

His passion is surreal.”


Sneha commented, “He has a better pitch than most people omg.”

Liberalthumb wrote, “Someone give him a Grammy, he’s got talent.”

Damien Bryan Farrell admitted, “I don’t know why I expected him to start singing the lyrics.”

Simone asked: “[Freddie] Mercury reincarnated?? Does he do any other songs?”

Chela raved: “Can we talk about him being on key though!”

Raquelgonzalez1988 thought: “He knows exactly what he’s doing…his concentration, his long screams, the deep look in his eyes…he SINGS!!!”

Anakin Skywalker observed, “It’s like he knows the lyrics.”

Jmvarela83 commented, “He was a singer in his past life.”

Debba329 wrote, “Freddie Mercury got reincarnated and just wanted to sing again.”

While Tmgd Lucier added: “Next american idol champion.”

Dogs howling to music is a fairly common sight or sound, which the American Kennel Club says is due to their ancestry.

They said: “One of the reasons for howling is the modern dog’s connection to its ancestor, the wolf. In the wild, wolves howl to communicate with each other.

“Your canine companion may not even know why he is howling, but the behavior is buried deep in his genetic code.

“In fact, research suggests that dogs do in fact have a sense of pitch. For example, as more wolves join in, each changes their pitch, and recordings have shown that each wolf howls a different note.”

While it’s very possible that Goose was deliberately on key, as the site added: “Your dog, too, can differentiate between pitch and tone. Dogs also pick up higher frequencies than the human ear, so they can yell something you can’t even hear.

“Your dog may deliberately join in a completely different pitch or note just to individualize his howl.”

Newsweek contacted Biggs for comment.

File photo of a dog at the piano.
File photo of a dog at the piano. An owner has shared a video of her pet signing to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.
igorr1/Getty Images

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