Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – new trailer, gameplay details, Expansion Pass announced, more

Publisher Nintendo and developer Monolith Soft have released a new trailer, gameplay, information and screenshots for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. A $29.99 Expansion Pass was also announced.

Get the details below.

As the latest entry in the critically acclaimed role-playing game series, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 connects the futures contracts of the two previous main lines Xenoblade Chronicles Games. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can also serve as an entry point for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a massive RPG world with dynamic characters, rich storytelling, and epic scope!

In Aionios, the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there are two opposing nations, Keves and Agnus, whose soldiers fight each day with their lives at stake. Six soldiers from these two warring nations are tasked with taking part in a special mission. Can these characters, once filled with mutual hatred, find a path that lets them all live? In this spellbinding tale, you’ll travel with these fate-defying hopefuls to learn the truths of their world, a place where every victory in battle and every setback is a new chance to change the course of history and triumph over a destiny. uncertain .

Here are some of the features and activities that can be experienced during your quest:

  • Explore a wide world – Aionios features breathtaking natural splendor that contrasts with the dark conflict between the two nations. As you traverse Aionios, the locations you visit are saved as landmarks that you can select and navigate quickly, making traversing this giant world more manageable. Wander freely or follow a trail to your next destination by activating a navigation feature. As you explore, you will come across a range of surreal sights and diverse wildlife. And just like the lands they inhabit, life forms here range from docile to dangerous. Some creatures, like the famous demonic Krenolur, don’t hide their fierce tendencies, so approach with caution!
  • Learn the arts of battle – When you are ready to enter a fight, you can harness powerful abilities, called Arts, to fight for victory. Some arts can throw opponents off balance, some deal more damage depending on where you attack from, and some even heal allies! You can link multiple arts with awesome chain attacks to wreak havoc on your enemies. As you gain combat experience, you can learn powerful Master Arts and Fusion Arts for even more devastating attacks.
  • Find rest and quests in settlements – As you explore Aionios, you can climb cliffs, scale sandy slopes, zipline on ropes, and sail the seas. Although the stakes can be high, you can enjoy the world at your own pace and discover settlements where you can shop, dine, get to know the locals, and take on quests. You can get a glimpse of the life of Noah and his friends in these settlements and resting places. Use the materials you collect to cook or craft gems to boost your abilities. It’s nice to relax and unwind before taking in the next slice of awe-inspiring scenery or gunning down your next outlandish foe.
  • Main character classes – Each character in your party has a class that influences how they fight. The Swordfighter leads the fight as a well-rounded attacker, but there are many other classes that specialize in healing, defense, and power strikes, among other abilities. You can freely swap the character you control in battle, and your class can also be changed to match that of your allies. Spend time learning multiple classes for a well-balanced team!
  • Recruit heroes to your party – Your journey through Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will feature a party of six main characters, but the brave inhabitants of Aionios called Heroes can lend their weapons and abilities to your team as the seventh party member. Only one hero at a time can help out on the battlefield, but you can swap them out as you see fit. And they bring their own special classes to your team, like Guardian Commander, Incursor, and War Medic. Your party members can even take on any hero class when they become your allies. By recruiting more heroes, you’ll expand the mix of classes and arts in your party, expanding the scope of your strategic options!
  • Merge into Ouroboros – By joining in combat through interconnect, two characters in your party can fuse into an extremely powerful form known as Ouroboros. Earn points in battle to make the already powerful Ouroboros even stronger. Ouroboros can also join Chain Attacks with the rest of the party. Clear the battlefield using the powerful arts of Ouroboros!
Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Expansion Pass Content – Expand the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 game with a paid expansion pass. The additional content that will be released in four waves from the launch of the game until the end of 2023 will enhance your journey through Aionios. Content will include useful items, new outfits and color variants, challenge battles, new quests, new hero characters, and even a new story scenario! The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 The Expansion Pass will be available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop later today for $29.99.
    • July 29, 2022
      • Useful Articles
      • Outfit Color Variants
    • Release before December 31, 2022
      • Challenge Battle
      • New hero character and quests
      • New Outfits
    • Release before April 30, 2023
      • Challenge Battle
      • New hero character and quests
      • New Outfits
    • Release before December 31, 2023
  • Use any amiiboXenoblade Chronicles 3 is compatible with amiibo accessories. Tap any compatible amiibo to acquire useful in-game items for your adventure. Tap the Shulk amiibo to change a character’s sword to appear like the Monado, the signature weapon from the original Xenoblade Chronicles game, when using the Swordfighter class.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is due out on Switch on July 29.

Watch the trailer and new gameplay footage below. See screenshots in the gallery.

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