Aurora University’s new course provides in-depth insight into healthcare careers

AURORA, IL – Aurora University is offering a new course that gives students first-hand insight into the wide range of careers available in the rapidly growing fields of health sciences and healthcare.

The Introductory Health course explores over 30 professional roles available to students interested in health and medical fields, including audiologists, athletic trainers, biomedical ethicists, health care administrators, adjusters, medical lab technicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, physician assistants, public health officials, and radiological technologists, to name a few.

The course not only introduces students to major developments in health care today, but also helps students discover their aptitude for the health sciences. Through class assignments and team projects, students will determine the type of healthcare jobs that are best for them and discover the level of education needed to achieve their goals.

In this interactive class, students focus on discerning their strengths and motivations for entering the healthcare field. They learn the language of healthcare and what it takes to succeed as a healthcare professional.

Talk to working professionals in the field

Professionals from different healthcare fields come to class each week to talk to students about the day-to-day realities of working in their chosen fields. They share their own professional background and experiences, answer questions and give advice.

“Most students enter college with limited knowledge of the variety of jobs available in health care,” said Ruby Kaur, assistant professor of health sciences. “Not everyone will become a doctor or a nurse. Students leave this course with a much more multidimensional view of the healthcare industry and all the employment opportunities it offers. »

UA first offered the Introductory Healthcare Course in Fall 2021, and enrollment for the upcoming Fall 2022 semester has more than doubled. In response to high demand, the university has added Introduction to Healthcare to AU Online’s spring semester course offerings and Healthcare Administration Diploma.

The healthcare field is the largest source of employment in the United States, accounting for 18% of the US economy. It is expected to create more jobs than any other occupational group as the aging US population fuels greater demand for healthcare services, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Now is a great time to join the health profession,” said Sarah Radtke, dean of the College of Health and Science. “The field is growing much faster than other professions. And there are so many different jobs in healthcare.

UA College of Health and Science offers an array of undergraduate and graduate programs in health fields including athletic training, biology, chemistry, exercise science , health sciences, health care administration, human-animal studies, and 10 pre-health profession tracks.

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