Half of American employees would quit for this reason alone, but stay for these benefits


As the big quit continues across the United States, employees are gaining clarity about what they want out of a job, what would entice them to stay, and what “dealbreakers” would force them out.

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The most recent Global Benefits Attitude Survey, conducted by WTW, found that 52% of workers are actively seeking new opportunities or at risk of leaving their current job. Around 40% of those polled said they would leave for a 5% pay rise. In fact, 56% of respondents said they would change jobs for better pay and bonuses, while 39% say they would stay in their current job if the pay and bonuses met their needs and expectations. Thirty-eight percent say they are staying in their current job for security, and 33% would leave for a job with better security.

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Flexible working is important, but not as important as you might imagine. Twenty-nine percent of those polled say flexible hours — or the ability to work from anywhere — keep them on, but that’s less important than having health insurance, which keeps 34% of respondents in their current job. Better health benefits are a top reason for jumping ship, with 39% saying they would change jobs for better health insurance coverage.

In fact, more than ever, benefits remain a key driver of employee retention. Forty-eight percent of workers surveyed say a health care plan is an important reason for joining a company, and 60% say it’s an important reason for staying at their current workplace. These numbers are up from 32% and 50%, respectively, in 2010.

Similarly, 47% of workers today say a good retirement plan could encourage them to join a company — and 60% say they would keep their current job with a solid retirement plan. These figures rose from 25% to 41% in 2010, showing how priorities and needs have changed since the pandemic.

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More than ever, today’s employees value retirement and health benefits, knowing how these programs can provide them with peace of mind and financial security later in life or in times of emergency. medical or illness.

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