I’m a veterinarian – there are two dog breeds that have the most medical problems and could cost you the most

A veterinarian has revealed two dog breeds that could make you spend big on their chronic health issues.

Alabama veterinarian and TikTok sensation Dr. Terrell told the US Sun that you could be in his office regularly if you choose to own one of these puppies.


A veterinarian told The Sun about two dog breeds at risk of developing medical issuesCredit: TikTok/dr.terrellpetvet
TikToker @dr.terrellpetvet said boxers and golden doodles have their fair share of unique issues


TikToker @dr.terrellpetvet said boxers and golden doodles have their fair share of unique issuesCredit: TikTok/dr.terrellpetvet

“Each pet is definitely its own individual, but they have generalizations for certain types of breeds,” Dr. Terrell exclusively told The Sun.

“There are many studies on the predispositions of breeds to different types of diseases. »

The vet who went viral for her informative and entertaining videos explained that one specific breed is known to constantly develop tragic health issues.

“Boxers are unfortunately prone to many different types of cancers,” she said.

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“I actually got diagnosed with one this week, which is sad.”

Dr. Terrell said she received a lot of criticism when she shared her experience with this next breed.

“One of the things on my TikTok that I had mentioned that a lot of people didn’t like was, unfortunately, the golden doodle or any type of doodle,” she said.

“They are extremely prone to ear infections and allergies.”

The vet explained that she typically diagnoses at least one doodle ear infection a day at her office.

“We had one yesterday and had to get the hair out of the ears. That’s one of the reasons I mentioned it wasn’t a breed for me,” Dr Terrell said.

Terrell, who also revealed the five breeds she would never personally own, also told The Sun about four types of high-energy dogs that could destroy everyone in your home if not properly trained.

She said these animals will likely require special handling due to their activity level.

“The German Shorthaired Pointer comes to mind first because he’s just active, active, active,” Terrell said.

“They really need exercise.”

She also said that border collies, while incredibly smart, are a herding breed that has tons of energy.

“Vizsla too. We don’t see that commonly here, but they are the ones that tend to be quite active,” the vet said.

“Even the labs. Especially during the puppy phase.

Terrell said that if these dogs aren’t trained enough, they will “destroy everything.”

“He scratches at doors, rips pillows and beds. Usually he barks and just does things he knows he’s not supposed to do,” she said.

“Even eat things they shouldn’t. They may start chewing on something they’re not supposed to have.”

TikTok’s vet said these breeds will start tearing things up, not necessarily because they’re bad dogs, but simply because they need more stimulation.

“A lot of times it’s out of boredom,” Terrell said.

“They want to go. They want to be with you.

“They want to race, and when they can’t they will focus on other things.”

While getting a dog is obviously a very exciting process, Dr Terrell urged prospective owners to take their time to research so they don’t accidentally end up with a high-energy breed they can’t. take care of it properly.

“The best thing you can do is have patience and really think about your lifestyle,” the TikTok sensation said.

“Are you active? Do you go hiking on the weekends? Do you work ten or twelve hours a day and are never home?

“Do you have children? Do you live alone ? Do you have other animals?

When Dr. Terrell isn’t making entertaining and informative videos on her TikTok, she does her best to provide great care for all kinds of pets in her home state of Alabama.

It comes as a celebrity dog ​​trainer told the US Sun the three breeds he would never recommend to a busy family with children.

He also explained the signs that an animal is dangerous and ways to choose the best pet for you.

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