Medical Light is the sanatorium where a doctor died of a strange disease and where other professionals were infected: some are seriously ill.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 6:57 PM

The hospital located in Marcos Paz at 900.

The death of a doctor and the infection of other health professionals due to a rare disease occurred at the Luz Medica sanatorium, as officially stated in resolution 256 of the Ciprosa Health Control Directorate, signed this Tuesday August 30.

Besides the deceased, there are four professionals who remain in critical condition with mechanical respiratory support.

At first, the authorities had reserved the name of the establishment where the serious situation had occurred.

The medical light is located in Marcos Paz.

“An immediate public sector response is needed, which makes it practical at this time to issue a legal instrument requiring strict adherence to health precautions,” Ciprosa’s official document reads.

In addition, it has been stipulated that the isolation measures in the sanatorium will operate for at least seven days, during which feverish consultations and guards, maintenance and general care of guards will be given priority.

As long as the official measure continues, the granting of scheduled shifts is suspended, teleconsultation in specialties will be activated, the supply of spaces linked to the pharmacy will be maintained for patients only, the release of shifts for scheduled surgeries suspended and limited to a minimum of Is. Along with the companionship of patients, permanence is possible for those who do not need health care.

Luz Medica is a private clinic of union origin. In fact, its promoter in the 1990s was the historical leader of the Luz y Fuerza guild Julio Ernesto Luna, who died two years earlier. It was this trade unionist who established the medical center in the building located at 953 Marcos Paz Street. According to the Loose Medica SA website, more than 130 people work there (doctors, nurses, administrative, maintenance, among others).

The sanatorium has an availability of more than 200 beds spread over five floors, which have neonatology, pediatrics, room hospitalization, intensive care rooms. It also has operating rooms and offices for outpatient medical specialist care.

The medical center is not part of the Association of Clinics and Hospitals of Tucumán, as confirmed by the head of the unit, Eduardo Vega Olguín.

On the other hand, the General Secretary of the Light and Force union, José Avellaneda, defined the responsibilities of the union. “The sanatorium was never entrusted to its rightful owners, the associates of Luz y Fuerza, which is why we have no control, let alone what happens there for which we are responsible. The people who run this sanatorium are the heirs of Luna,” Avellaneda said.

This morning, during a press conference, the Minister of Health, Luis Medina Ruiz, confirmed that the patients were “initially in intensive care”, which is where “the attention began”. For this, he said, the medical center was sentenced to isolation.

“We have taken measures for the preventive isolation of sanatoriums, for which access to new patients, outpatient consultations and restrictions on the movement of hospitalized patients have been temporarily interrupted,” he stressed.

There, according to officials, the death of a doctor, product of an unknown disease, and the infection of five other professionals (including four hospitalized with mechanical respiratory assistance) would have resulted.

Medical Light is the sanatorium where a doctor died of a strange disease and other professionals were infected: some are seriously ill.

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