Musicians sue Artis—Naples over Philharmonic vaccine mandate firings

Three former musicians of the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra have sued Artis—Naples, its parent organization, claiming it illegally fired them for their refusal to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

The suit seeks back wages, unspecified damages and reinstatement to their positions from Artis—Naples. To underscore his final point, the musicians’ lawyer, Horatio (Harry) Mihet filed a petition on Wednesday for an injunction that would prevent Artis-Naples from replacing their positions for the duration of any litigation.

This is a warning shot, according to Mihet.

When asked for a response, Artis—Naples posted a notice saying it would not comment.

“Just so everyone knows: our clients have dibs on their work. So when we win the case, they intend to come back,” Mihet said. “We would hate for an unsuspecting new recruit to move across the country and settle here,” he continued, only to find out later that their jobs already belong to three other people.

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