New Career Center on Connects Employers and Job Seekers and Creates a Pool of Dentistry Jobs

The dentistry employment landscape is changing – job seekers and employers need to be informed and connected to keep pace. Growth prospects in dentistry are strong, with hygienists and assistants in particular demand and practices moving toward more flexible staffing models.

In a strategic effort to help members develop their careers and build their practice teams, CDA has launched a robust online career center for employers and job seekers. After hearing first-hand from members about staffing challenges and their concerns about alleviating future shortages that would impact the success of practice operations, CDA launched the new platform to stay in advances the changing practice management needs of members.

Although job postings have long been among the most popular sections of CDA’s website, the new platform provides more intuitive search tools as well as practical advice.

The new Career Center was built to support CDA members:

Connect faster to a new career opportunity.

With the new platform, job seekers can explore and filter relevant listings with real-time updates. “Careers you love” recommendations, alerts and bookmarks make job matches easy. Guidance, training and materials prepare candidates to perform at their best.

Graduate dental students and new dentists can get a head start on securing employment by posting their resumes and gaining visibility on hiring practices.

Find the right new recruit for your practice.

CDA makes recruiting more affordable by offering free postings for a limited time. As a member, post jobs through the Career Center for free throughout 2020. Connect to great candidates faster with new platform features, plus social tools and emails. emails.

Benefit from an initiative to create a recruiting pipeline.

To increase awareness of career paths in dentistry, with a particular focus on dental assistants, the Career Center also connects to Smile Crew CA. This recruiting campaign, powered by CDA, highlights the career prospects of dental assistants and RDAs and facilitates connections between potential trainees and employers.

The campaign is launching this month, leveraging a dedicated microsite, social media and a variety of digital advertising tactics. Job seekers and employers who are ready to continue their search receive support in preparing their postings and CVs.

Job seekers: Learn how to make your resume stand out.

  • Start by organizing your old job descriptions, contact information, and transcripts.
  • Choose a resume format that highlights your accomplishments: functional or chronological.
  • Be concise to grab immediate attention, choosing only what’s most important to highlight.
  • Access resume best practices and interview tips, or even request a free resume review.

Employers: Find out how to attract good candidates faster.

Start your search today and explore resources to support your professional journey or build your ideal practice team. Visit the new Career Center at

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