Sponsor Spotlight: Data Analytics Program’s Latest Offering at Edmonds College to Meet Growing Industry Demands

The data analytics program at Edmonds College begins October 3. Students can find more details and a link to register at edmonds.edu/data-analytics. (Photo by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)

Ever wonder how Netflix recommends movies to you, how epidemiologists predict the spread of infectious diseases, or how companies know how much stock to buy? They employ data analysts to interpret and examine data patterns, report trends and probabilities, and then make strategic business decisions based on this information. The demand for data analysts is growing rapidly as companies in business, finance, science, medicine, government, entertainment, and more collect more and more data and need qualified employees to interpret them.

Increased data collection has created a need for more data professionals in the workforce. According to Lightcast, annual job openings for data analysts in Washington have doubled from 2017 to 2022. The median salary advertised by employers over the past year was $86,000.

Edmonds College has launched a new program to meet the region’s demand for data analytics professionals. The program is aimed at students new to the industry, is designed for those with no programming experience, and does not require extensive mathematical knowledge. Students will earn a certificate of completion and learn the skills needed to get entry-level jobs in data analytics.

“We’ll cover the basics of statistics and spreadsheets because we assume most of our students haven’t taken college math classes in several years,” said Allison Obourn, a new program teacher and member of the body. professor of computer science at Edmonds College. . “We don’t want people to be scared off by the mathematical or programming aspects. We do not expect any programming experience. We expect our students to have a minimum experience with statistics.

Program prerequisites include a basic working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet programs, completion of a college-level pre-calculus or statistics course or instructor licensing, and a college degree. Associate Degree in STEM or Business or equivalent work experience. Classes start on October 3, so there is still time for students to register.

“This is a great opportunity for people who are already in the workforce but want to shift gears or grow within their company by adding more skills,” Obourn said. “Frankly, a lot of people are asked to do data analytics in their work, and they don’t know how. Our program paves the way to help them acquire these skills.

Industry experts helped design the program, ensuring students learn topics relevant to the local industry. Students will learn to effectively communicate the essentials of data analysis, data collection and processing, hypothesis development and statistical analysis, modeling and data synthesis.

The faculty has developed the program with the busy lives of its students in mind. Students can complete the program quickly and have flexible options by taking online, hybrid and evening courses. The program is affordable, as Washington residents can obtain a certificate for less than $2,300. Similar online programs can cost nearly $16,000.

Data Analytics is the latest program launched by Edmonds College designed to provide rapid professional training to its students and meet industry needs in the community. The school launched its dental assistant program earlier this summer and launched FastTrack, a series of certification programs that offer training in six months or less.

“Edmonds College recognizes that many people seeking employment in the community are looking for flexible routes to gain vocational training,” said Edmonds College President Dr. Amit B. Singh. “They want to get into the job market quickly and earn a living wage with good benefits for their families. We provide options for students to obtain the training they desire. We will continue to take an innovative and forward-thinking approach to higher education to help meet the needs of our students and industries in our community.

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