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Brooke Weinberg, left, and Courtney Vaughn of Lee Health chat with student Bria Franklin at the Career Expo at Zeal Technical Institute in North Fort Myers on Monday.

There is a huge need for all kinds of people in the medical field, from home health aides to nursing aides to phlebotomists. Unfortunately, there are far more job openings in these fields than there are people to fill them.

Zeal Institute, the only post-secondary school in North Fort Myers, is doing what it can to train students to fill these positions and use companies and medical providers to recruit them.

Last week, the school hosted one of the many career fairs it holds throughout the year, where companies came to recruit students to fill vital positions and where Zeal Institute was able to recruit potential students who would like to pursue a career in the medical field.

Bernadette Graham, director of operations at Zeal, said the idea is not only to find jobs for her students, but also personal training in areas such as resume writing and interview techniques, but also career interviews to ensure that potential students want to enter the field. .

“We try to do it every three months or so. So when our students graduate, they know who to turn to,” said Graham. “We want to do this for new students who might be interested in the medical field, but might want to talk to agencies to see what is a good field.”

Lee Health, United Way, Brightstar and other organizations came out for the event. Zeal has been able to provide major healthcare providers with the workers they need. Instead of students having to search for jobs, jobs come to them, with companies getting a first look at students.

Graham said with inflation, agencies looking to hire are meeting financial need, with some starting at $18 an hour or more. After that, the sky is the limit.

“We have students who have become nurses and some even teach for us. For our students, right now, it’s at least about making connections,” said Graham.

Enrique Albertorio, business developer for Trustcare Nurse Registry, said there was a shortage of caregivers in Lee and Collier counties and that could put students’ feet in the door.

“We want to let people know that they can come and work for us and provide that opportunity for students to fill those gaps,” says Albertorio. “We are looking for certified practical nurses, home health aides, LPNs and RNs. They can work full-time or part-time.

Sylvia Dorisme, CEO of Zeal, said her school helps the medical field by training students for positions that need it most.

“Wherever we can help, we are working hard with Lee Health and local partners. Our job is to train as many students as possible to enter the healthcare field,” Dorism said. “We care about our students and we try to go above and beyond to organize events like this. It is expensive and time consuming, but it will benefit students in the long run.

Dorisme said she would like to hold another job fair in October dedicated to hospitals. She would like to bring Lee Health, Lehigh Regional Medical Center, and Bayfront ShorePoint and HCA Fawcett Hospitals to Charlotte County.

Zeal Technical Institute offers programs such as Phlebotomy, Physician Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Mental Health Technician, Home Aide and much more.

The Zeal Technical Institute is located at 4940 Bayline Drive. Learn more at

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