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The US Food & Drug Administration has just issued a warning about social media challenges that encourage people to abuse over-the-counter drugs. The FDA said, “Social media trends and peer pressure can be a dangerous combination for your children and their friends, especially when they involve the misuse of medications.”

The FDA has expressed serious concerns about social media trends that use peer pressure to encourage children and others to abuse prescription drugs. The FDA said these challenges “can harm people — and even cause death.”

The FDA pointed to a recent social media video challenge that encourages people to cook chicken at NyQuil. The agency explained that not only does the challenge seem “stupid and unappetizing”, but it could also result in someone “taking a dangerously high amount of cough and cold medicine without even realizing it. “. The FDA gave another example of an online challenge that encouraged people to take high doses of allergy medications in order to induce hallucinations.

The FDA warning did not suggest that the brands were participating in or encouraging these challenges. The warning is an important reminder, however, for brands to be careful when encouraging consumers, and especially young people, to create content online. Brands should exercise caution to ensure that they do not encourage or condone behavior that could be harmful.

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