Vladimir Putin’s health ‘deteriorates significantly’ and his ‘secret conditions impacted his judgment in Ukraine’

VLADIMIR Putin’s health is “deteriorating significantly” and his secret conditions have impacted his judgment on Ukraine, it is claimed.

Political analyst Valery Solovey – whose earlier claims about the Kremlin leader’s poor health have been denied – says Putin’s secret medical conditions impacted his judgment on the war.


Putin’s judgment was clouded by life-threatening medical conditions, political analyst claimsCredit: Reuters
Putin's health was in the spotlight after the dictator was seen


Putin’s health has been in the spotlight after the dictator was seen ‘in pain’ and clutching a table during a televised meeting
Putin desperately hides his tremors by kissing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting in the Kremlin


Putin desperately hides his tremors by kissing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting in the KremlinCredit: Twitter/ kenolin1

The desperate tyrant is due to announce the illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions on Friday in defiance of strong opposition from world leaders.

His decision is seen as a way to escalate the war and is expected to trigger a new wave of Western sanctions.

But Solovey, 62, in an interview with exile radio station Zhivoi Gvozd, said Putin’s recent burst of activity as president did not mean he was healthy.

“It’s a very strange idea that a seriously ill person cannot work and travel,” he said.

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“Especially in such comfort, accompanied by such a number of doctors, and being served [according to] the highest standards of… world medicine.

“Everything is planned for him in this sense.”

He claimed, without evidence, that Putin’s health is “deteriorating…dramatically”.

Solovey – who claims to have sources in Putin’s circle – said: “All decisions made by him… on February 24 [start Russian invasion of Ukraine] and September 21 [start of mobilisation] are a direct consequence of its physiological state.

“Direct in the sense of physiological health and in that of mental health [health].”

He went so far as to suggest – without proof – that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he was healthy.

“Modern therapy, targeted therapy for oncological diseases, is of such quality that you will literally work until the last hours,” he said.

Putin’s self-proclaimed health expert also dismissed claims by CIA Director William Burns, saying the Russian leader was “too healthy”.

Solovey called him “the perfect example of Anglo-Saxon sarcasm” adding: “Americans know what happens to [Putin].

“They know the real situation, and they’re actually worried about it…”

He added: “When they say they don’t see Putin’s statements as a bluff, he’s in a state where it really isn’t a bluff.”

In a pre-recorded message to the Russian people last week, Putin warned the West that he would use “the means at our disposal” to defend Russia and that he was not “bluffing” – widely seen as a threat to use nuclear weapons.

Solovey has previously claimed that the Russian dictator suffered from serious illnesses including cancer, Parkinson’s disease and schizoaffective disorder.

There have been Western claims about Putin’s health, including from former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove who said the Russian leader was at risk of being sent to a sanatorium and would be gone from here 2023, due to medical issues.

Independent Russian media suggested that he was constantly surrounded by top Russian doctors, including cancer specialists, when he went on a trip.

This is not the first time that Putin’s health has come under scrutiny.

In June, a Ukrainian official claimed the evil tyrant suffered from “serious” illnesses and could die within two years.

Speaking to USA Today, Ukraine’s intelligence chief Major General Kyrylo O. Budanov said Putin “doesn’t have a long life ahead of him.”

In another interview with Sky News, the general insisted that Putin was in “a very poor psychological and physical state and is very ill”.

It comes after a top oligarch allegedly claimed Putin was “very sick with blood cancer” in the audio recording obtained by New Lines magazine.

It’s unclear exactly what type of cancer Putin might have.

Experts have long tried to predict Putin’s health to no avail.

Putin staked his reputation on his strongman image


Putin staked his reputation on his strongman imageCredit: AP

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