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In the last episode of Maurice Benard State of mind You Tube series, the general hospital The star welcomes as special guest Emma Samms (Holly, GH).

During the conversation, Emma, ​​who has been battling Long Covid for over two years (and recently returned to the ABC daytime drama series for a month to tape new episodes) spoke about: her health issues, his career from GH to Dynasty, and his work with children, including the Starlight Foundation, and more.

When she explained to Benard how she realized something was wrong after contracting Covid-19, Samms shared: ‘I went downstairs and did some gardening and then I felt terrible again and I haven’t recovered since. I still have breathing problems. I feel like there’s an elephant sitting on my chest – almost all the time. It’s a horrible feeling not being able to catch my breath.

Emma went to explain: ‘No one knew there was such a thing as Long Covid. I still have no taste or smell and it’s been two and a half years now. I am extremely tired to the point where I can barely move. If I make a huge effort to do something, there will be a consequence for it.

However, the most upsetting part for Emma was originally not being believed by the doctors: “The worst part for me was when I started going to the doctor and asking, ‘Why is- am I still not breathing properly?’ They would approach it with (and they were doctors who didn’t know me, and looked at me like a middle-aged woman as they would say): “So how’s it going at home? I knew what that meant. , i.e. “It’s all in your head”. It’s anxiety, it’s somatization – which are the physical symptoms produced by an emotional source. I was furious. Really outraged, because first of all, I knew more at this point than they did.

After researching what was happening to her, Emma said: ‘Post viral syndrome is not an unusual thing… so all doctors should have thought there was a possibility that it could cause post viral syndrome. -continuous viral… I have to fight to be believed, and that’s the worst. Samms shared that her current script on GH is the first time she’s worked in over two years.

Later in the interview, the conversation turned to the story of Holly and her participation in GH’s “good day”. Emma shared how she finally landed the role of Holly: “I came in after Luke and Laura. They had been trying to find another love interest that Tony Geary could work with. So they tried Demi Moore…it didn’t work, Janine Turner…it didn’t work, and viewers just weren’t ready, they didn’t have it. They weren’t going to accept him with anyone other than Genie (Francis). Then I was the third attempt to find a love interest for Luke. I didn’t know any of this, because I hadn’t watched the show.

Samms then praised Tony Geary: “I finally did a screen test with Tony, who was so kind to me, so good to me and incredibly patient, generous and basically taught me how to act, but certainly, taught me to listen by acting, which is over 50% of it.

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