Woman slammed for downplaying fiancé’s brother’s condition

A woman has been slammed online after downplaying her fiancé’s brother’s medical condition.

Posted on Reddit’s controversial r/AmITheA**hole forum, a bro under the username u/MannyXXXVII shared his story and received over 9,000 upvotes and 900 comments.

The original poster (OP) began her story by explaining that she suffered from a health condition called “impacted earwax” caused by swimmer’s ear. They wrote that having ears “sucks”. They explain that they have “way too much earwax” and that they have to clean it daily to avoid any pain. However, it remains uncomfortable for them.

Above, a man has a pain in his ear. Posted on Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum, a woman has come under fire for downplaying her fiancé’s brother’s medical condition.
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“My older brother, Sebastian, has a fiancée, Tina, and they live in a room in our house that my mom rents to them,” the OP said, “The other day I guess Tina realized how I cleaned my ears, and said, ‘you really shouldn’t have to clean them so much, I feel like you’re probably overdoing it a bit just to get attention.’

“I told her that wasn’t the case, and she said, ‘Okay, well, I guess your poor little ears are reason enough to waste money on cotton balls so often- stems.’ I know that was petty, but I said, “Okay, I’m going to go 2 weeks without cleaning my ears. And every day you have to take a picture of the inside of each one and see what happens “and that’s how his pact with the devil was made,” they continued.

Tina relented after five days because the brother’s ears were “leaking on their shirt” and his “ears were on fire” because the ear drops they were using weren’t working due to excess earwax. The OP admitted they found it funny, but Tina and Sebastian thought it was “mean and rude” and now call them the “dirty, waxy creep.”

Newsweek contacted u/MannyXXXVII for comment.

Newsweek has published several articles regarding the disputes between family members, including a woman who was praised for “embarrassing” her in-laws during an argument at a family dinner, a woman supported for having left her baby niece with a stranger so she could hang out friends and family have slammed a widow’s ‘harassment’ after their husband died of cancer.

What is “swimmer’s ear”?

Swimmer’s ear, also known as otitis externa, is inflammation, irritation, or infection of the outer ear canal, according to Hopkins Medicine. Swimmer’s ear can be caused by swimming in unsanitary water.

Other possible causes include being in hot or humid places, cleaning or scraping your ear canal with fingers or cotton swabs, having dry skin in the ear canal, having an object in your ear canal and have extra earwax.

Swimmer’s ear can be treated by keeping your ears dry, taking certain ear drops that help reduce swelling and kill bacteria, and taking medication provided by a healthcare professional.

According to the CDC, to prevent the onset of swimmer’s ear, keep the ears as dry as possible and use earplugs or swim molds when swimming and pull the earlobe in different directions to so that water can escape from the ear canal. If there is still water in the ear, use a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to help the water go away.

Dangers of using Q-tips for ear cleaning

Q-tips, or Q-tips, are a popular choice people use to clean their ears. However, Q-tips can push earwax against the medial canal and tympanic membrane, also known as the eardrum, and can impair hearing and lead to painful infection, according to verywellhealth.com.

Editors’ reactions

“[Not the a**hole]. Tina needs to learn to take care of herself the beesearwax,” u/StAlvis joked, receiving the top comment of over 16,000 upvotes.

U/TheDevilsAdvocxte exclaimed: “[Not the a**hole] I have the same!!!!!!! It’s not comfortable at all and stop using Q tricks! Q tips push earwax further into the ear. You have to buy a kit on amazon. I can’t count how many times I’ve been to doctors and their like, “Man, your earwax is all the way down the membrane of your ear.” Don’t do this to yourself! You can also have your earwax removed by a professional. Although I do not recommend the professional every time. It’s easier to buy the kit and ignore them. They don’t know wrestling.”

“[Not the a**hole] and you have received very important information. Tina is a pot-stirrer and someone who will use the old “attention-seeking” for your legitimate concerns. She actually gave you a present. When she starts behaving the same way again, you can say, “Haven’t we been down this road before?” and just look at his face. Don’t look away. Don’t flinch, nothing. She should have the good sense NOT to look stupid again and will probably leave you alone. The thing is, you have to be ready for it,” u/PerkyLurkey said.

U/sassynickles commented: “[Not the a**hole]. Tina is a bitch, and that’s not even her concern. What, was she afraid the family fortune would be blown up with Q-tips?”

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