Workplace Adjustments for Instructors with an Immunocompromised Household Member in the Fall 22 Quarter

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to announce that the temporary process announced in the fall of 2021 whereby a faculty member may request to teach their courses remotely due to the presence of an immunocompromised member of their household is being extended through the d fall 2022.

Proceeding with all in-person instruction with Senate-approved online or hybrid instruction for the fall term, we now realize that it was unclear that we would no longer be supporting remote instruction for instructors whose household member is immunocompromised. Because it takes time and planning for these instructors to teach online or hybrid with Senate approval, we are allowing a final quarter for the transition in the fall of 2022. fall by submitting caregiver documentation household member’s medical records certifying that they are moderately to severely immunocompromised such that they are at increased risk of serious illness or death if infected with COVID. This documentation should not include information about specific diagnoses and should be submitted directly to Danny Gray at APO (, along with a note from the faculty member’s department or agency president sponsorship of the course indicating whether they believe the learning outcomes of the course can be successfully achieved in a distance modality.

Fall 2022 will be the last quarter of distance learning based on a household member’s immunocompromised status. In subsequent terms, instructors will be required to teach their courses in person or deliver Senate-approved online courses. Instructors who wish to teach online should consult with their department chair or course sponsoring agency and, with the president’s approval, will need to seek Senate approval for online instruction. Their proposal will be reviewed against current Senate criteria, which emphasize pedagogy and the achievement of student learning outcomes. An immunocompromised household member will not be considered a criterion for online instruction. Please note that for Winter 2023 courses, proposals must be delivered to the president of the agency sponsoring the course by October 5, 2022.

Please note that instructors (and teaching assistants) with their own disabling medical condition may continue to seek accommodations indefinitely through the reasonable accommodation process outlined in APM 711, where online teaching may be considered as a possible reasonable accommodation through the interactive process.

I greatly appreciate all the work you have done as instructors throughout the pandemic, and I look forward to an engaging and productive fall term for all of us.


Lori Kletzer
Campus Provost and Executive Vice-Chancellor

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